Meat Matrix is a must for any abattoir slaughtering or wholesaling in beef carcasses, the ability to handle individual lamb / sheep carcass or to group them on a craddle allows for deployment in any wholesaler or abattoir.

All condemned animals and various quality elements are captured to ensure proper feedback to the supplier.

Offal control due to the value of it in beef is a must with proper offal realisation possible, ensuring variances between theoretical condemned and actual packed.

All packed offal is traced back to day of slaughter that makes traceability for both the carcass with all its cuts and offal a easy task.

Carcasses are controlled per stock location to accurately record weight losses and chiller performance. Carcasses are either sold using the powerful Matrix Sales module over a scale or deboned using Meat Matrix Deboning.

When deboned the carcasses can be done in batch or making use of Meat Matrix sequence deboning to give tracking per primal link to its source carcass.

Deboning is measured against set yields to measure cutting efficiencies and utilizing Matrix Standard costing production variances is a click of a button.

Whether a abattoir / deboning plant or wholesaler in the lamb industry Meat Matrix is a must for stock and yield management.