Handling State Vet Blocked Stock

We know that Matrix systems are effective, but what are the system requirements?

  • Receive imported stock into a location and by using automatic allocations and control checks to stop the ability of this stock being sold until it has been state vet released.
  • Imported stock is received into a location by either scanning every box or by labelling every box from the supplier, thereby having complete traceability per box.
  • The system automatically allocates a stock class of “V – state vet hold” to every one of these boxes as and when the stock is received.
  • Each box is then grouped up into a pallet (grouping of boxes) and the pallet reflects on a grid for later use.
  • No sales order can be placed, or a sales invoice generated for stock that reflects as a “V” class.
  • No warehouse out movement can be generated for pallets that have a “V” class, thereby limiting its movement within a location.
  • To release the “V” class from the pallet (grouping of boxes), only certain individuals have the user rights in the system (quality department), to select these pallets and release them.
  • Once released the users then only have the functionality to sell this stock.

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