At Matrix, we know that a product is only as good as the support behind it. We also understand that no two food processors or food processing facilities have the same needs. We pride ourselves in the fact that Matrix is a practical system that is quick to implement and easy to use since it was designed to meet the processing floor’s needs. We are also proud of having a product that can be customised to meet individual customer needs whilst keeping it easy to support after installation and customisation. To better serve our clients, we draw on our extensive industry experience to assist them with system design, customisation, implementation and ongoing support. Our services include:


Drawing on years of industry experience, we can advise clients on optimal ERP system design and customise Matrix to ensure a perfect fit for each plant.

Implementation & Training

We have a team of expert technical consultants who will ensure that your installation or upgrade is done in no time. They will also assist you with training your staff both on the shop floor and office.


We have a dedicated technical support team to ensure a quick turnaround. Matrix also continually incorporates client feature- or improvement requests into the system, which are released via regular software updates.


Running a perishable food processing business comes with many risks, but data security does not have to be one of them. All data within the Matrix system is encrypted, and we offer a cloud-based backup system to give you even greater peace of mind. Not only does this system do real-time backups of your data, but your plant can also be switched over to run on it if there is a problem with your main onsite or cloud server.