We offer a comprehensive food and meat processing software system that gives you an unfair competitive advantage by saving you time, money and giving you control.


  • Control margins, from job costing and yield control to stock control and productivity statistics.
  • Increase productivity with a complete Material Requirement Planning (MRP) system
  • Improve production cost estimates with our unique standard costing system for recipe block testing.
  • Identify problems to react faster through real-time QC data and user-configurable dashboards


  • Our traceability system is tried and tested, practical and dependable
  • Matrix meets the requirements of food traceability standards in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


  • Our automated paperless quality control system is designed to enable you to make real-time adjustments to your process so that you can offer the quality and consistency that your customers expect.
  • You can customise your quality control workflow and forms yourself; hence you can rest assured that the system will stay relevant and change with your needs.


  • Improved stock control, stock allocation tracking and rotation
  • Advanced stock pricing that allows for standard, average, latest and actual prices
  • Isolate, block or control the movement of specific stock items


  • Our system is powered by a Microsoft SQL server. It has several features that can encrypt data, limit access and authorisation, and protect data from theft, destruction, and other types of malicious behaviour.
  • Client data is also backed up at regular intervals and can be restored if need be.


  • We do not lock you into a specific hardware ecosystem since our system integrates with all the major probe, scale, label printer, and scanner providers.
  • Our system incorporates the latest in smartphone, tablet and IoT technology
  • We integrate with most accounting packages such as Sage Evolution, Pastel Partner, Accpac, Navision, etc.


  • We offer a complete point of sale system that is fully integrated with our meat processing module. Our point of sale system is especially popular among butchers and retailers who process and sell meat in addition other products.
  • Our system offers barcoding, stock control and aging, and is fully integrated with various paypoint systems.


  • Matrix was designed to grow with your business. The backbone of our system is an ultra-fast and reliable SQL server that can handle both small and large processing facilities
  • Since the system is modular, clients only pay for what they need but can add functionality when required
  • Clients can host Matrix on their own onsite server or in the cloud
  • All data is encrypted, and we offer a cloud-based data backup service that can also function as a fallback when the main Matrix server is down.